How To Inscribe Photos On Iphone

How To Inscribe Photos On Iphone

Modern technology makes our smartphones more and more like good cameras. This primarily concerns the iPhone, where in addition to high-definition cameras, image processing technologies are also being introduced. With the upgrade of the system to the 10th version, the Markup function became available for all iOS users. It gives the owner the opportunity, for example, to enlarge a certain area or make an inscription in the photo on the iPhone. The image processed in this way will definitely not go unnoticed.

Add text using iOS

To start the built-in image editing tool, you will need to go to the "Photos" section. It is usually located on the iPhone’s main screen. Inside the “Gallery” we select the photo on which we plan to place the text, click the preview icon. In the opened image, click on the “Edit” link. Next in the bottom menu – the item "Layout":

In the menu, at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon in the form of a circled plus, select the "Text" item. After that, we touch the appeared text box on the photo and “Edit” to write the text on the photo. We type the words to add, you can write both in Russian and in English.

Changing the position of the title in the picture is possible if you hold it with your finger and move it around the screen. Another field for text is increasing in size, for which you need to touch its corner and stretch to the side.

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In addition to a text block, you can add an author’s signature to the photo and insert a circle, square or arrow.

The size of the text also changes in the lower menu, for this an “Aa” icon is provided. If you want to choose the color of the inscription, you need to tap on the colored circle located below. To save the changes, you must click Finish.

The increase in the shape of a circle in the photo

This feature is also available using the Layout tool. Let’s do it in steps:

  1. Go to the "Gallery", select the desired photo.
  2. Click on the “Change” link, then on the “Layout” item.
  3. We take the "Lupu" by touching the circled "plus sign":

Moving around the circumference of the green dot changes the degree of increase, and the blue – decreases and increases. You can move by dragging around the screen without lifting your finger. To save the result, click Finish.

How To Inscribe Photos On Iphone

Signing in a circle using apps

The built-in application for editing pictures with all its advantages has rather limited capabilities. Therefore, for more beautiful inscriptions and effects, it is better to use third-party programs. Popular is the SnapSeed app.

To sign a photo in a circle, start the application and by clicking on the gray screen with the icon "" select a picture where the circle with the inscription will be inserted.

Using the bottom panel, select the "Tools" tab, then – "Text". An effects panel opens with patterned fonts or texts in various shapes: circles, rhombs, or squares. As well as a variety of logos. To change the standard “handwriting”, double-click on the caption. To save the result, click on the checkmark in the lower right corner.

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Of course, I always want to make the photos richer and brighter, add some inscriptions and emotions. For simple actions, you can limit yourself to the functionality built into iOS, but for complex effects, give preference to third-party programs. When applying beautiful captions to your photos, be sure that other users will definitely notice them.


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