How To Improve The Performance Of Touch Id After The Transition To Ios 7

How To Improve The Performance Of Touch Id After The Transition To Ios 7

In the iPhone 5s, a Touch ID biometric sensor appeared, which pleased the people literally a couple of weeks, and they forgot about it. Although competitors cheerfully picked up the baton and many modern Android flagships also have a fingerprint sensor. Is he needed? Definitely needed, but only if this innovation is convenient to use. In the case of the Apple decision, there were certain nuances, due to which I personally refused to use Touch ID to unlock the smartphone literally after a week of use. The fingerprint was not always read correctly and quickly, which was annoying. But with the release of iOS 7.1.1, the situation has dramatically improved, and in this article I will tell you how to correctly use these improvements.

Do not hope that if you had any problems with Touch ID earlier, then immediately after installing iOS 7.1.1 they will magically disappear. Most likely, in principle, you will not notice the difference, since this requires setting up the iPhone biometric security system again. The fact is that Apple not only improved the fingerprint reader algorithm, it basically changed it seriously, which means that the fingerprint data storage system is now a little different too. I.e, First of all, you need to re-scan the fingers participating in the unlocking of the phone.

Before you begin, I recommend that you take a few simple steps, namely:

  • terminate all running applications;
  • make the so-called Soft Reset (hold down the Home and Power buttons for 7-10 seconds until the phone starts to reboot);
  • wash your fingers thoroughly and wipe the Home button.
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Now boldly go to "Settings → Touch ID and password», Enter the PIN code, if installed, scroll down the menu and delete all stored fingerprints. This can be done either with a standard swipe from right to left, or click on an item and in the menu that opens tap on the button “Delete fingerprint".

Please note that in the same menu you can rename the fingerprint by clicking on the corresponding field.

Did all the prints go to their digital paradise? Great, now we add new ones by clicking on the "Add fingerprint".

How To Improve The Performance Of Touch Id After The Transition To Ios 7

Hold the iPhone the way you usually hold it when you take it out of your pocket, bag or take it off the table and unlock it. That is, it is not necessary or even necessary to apply a finger, holding it exactly from the bottom, on the contrary – this is not worth doing. In general, take the phone as if you were about to unlock it by clicking on the Home button, and put your finger on it. In the process, an inscription will pop up on the screen with a demand to lift your finger and attach it again. No need to shift it, just raise it, lower it, and so on several times at the request of iOS.

Then comes another, new stage of scanning, when it is necessary to apply the tip of the finger and its edges. I simply put my finger as usual, and then slightly turned it left, right and up. Done – Your fingerprint has been saved using the new scanning algorithm. If necessary, you can add other fingers with a total of up to five pieces. I usually scan the index as well:

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After I did all the steps above, Touch ID began to work just perfect. Previously, out of 10 attempts to unlock the phone, only six to seven worked, and only if I put my finger more or less accurately, in the same position as I scanned (because of this I made several copies of the fingerprint of the same finger, but in different positions). Now, in principle, it is difficult to make sure that the print is not recognized, no matter how you put your finger. Unless the angle is completely non-standard, then the system might think a little. In other cases, recognition occurs almost instantly. I am absolutely delighted. Bravo, Apple!

As a result, Touch ID is activated on the phone again, and now the lock system can be called convenient and invisible to the user. The only caveat – when Touch ID is activated, you cannot immediately go to the application through a notification on the lock screen. You have to either enter the PIN-code, or unlock the phone with a fingerprint and go to the program, as they say, “manually”. I hope that in the future the company will come up with how to improve this option.


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