How To Improve Camera Performance On Iphone 4s

How To Improve Camera Performance On Iphone 4s

It is quite difficult to argue with the portability and versatility of the smartphone, they are much more convenient than ordinary cameras and have wider functionality, and high quality photos can be obtained through the use of special programs for the iPhone 4S.

If we talk about the programs for the camera, mounted in the iPhone 4S, then they are very different. In this article we will make an announcement of those that are most beneficial and are very popular among users.

After focus

So you can not ignore the After focus program, because thanks to this program you can control the depth of field of the photo.

During the picture, of course, it does not adjust the depth of field, but it allows you to do this when working with photos in the application, this effect is achieved by blurring the background of the picture.

To edit a photo, you need to open it in After focus and select the part that should have a clear outline; the program will make the rest of the background blurry.

Bump program allows you to transfer photos to your contacts or other information. To transfer, just attach two smartphones together, you can automatically send information from one smartphone to another.

This application allows you to send information to a computer.

Not so much for popularity, but for novelty, one cannot help but mention the Pano program. It allows you to take very fast panoramic shots.

This program works as a gluer and for combining, you can select sixteen pictures that the program blinds in one in the right order.

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Top camera

Top Camera. This is a program that helps to take high-quality pictures. Especially when taking pictures with an obstructed horizon.

To remove the effect of trembling hands, you can also start the digital stabilizer provided by the program.

And that’s not all. The presented program is supplemented by several usefulnesses, namely, it allows you to delete and zoom in using the slider located on the side of the screen.

How To Improve Camera Performance On Iphone 4s

Top Camera also allows you to use and recognize voice commands, which allows you to activate the shutter and take pictures in timer mode.

The love of many users and the additional ability to choose contrast, color balance, saturation complement the love.


Having at its disposal such software functionality, the camera of the iPhone 4S smartphone turns from a simple smartphone application into a camera that can take pictures no worse than many digital cameras, and in most cases better.

Also, a great advantage of the iPhone 4S camera makes it possible to process the photo after the picture was taken. This once again proves the advantage of the smartphone, both in qualitative and functional indicators.

A smartphone becomes just a godsend not only for organizing the work of business people, but will also compose a company for tourists on their travels allowing you to capture the sights of many cities of countries and corners of the world. In this case, you can always stay in touch.


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