How To Improve Battery Life Of Ipad Or Iphone

How To Improve Battery Life Of Ipad Or Iphone

A little sense from the gigahertz processor, megapixels of the camera and other products of the world of high technology, if the smartphone’s batteries do not have energy for them. Extending the battery life of the gadget is almost the most important task set today.

And, despite the fact that Apple engineers more or less successfully solved it, we, too, can and should make our contribution to the common cause.

No, of course, no one forces to gnaw at the granite of applied science and acquire new skills. There was enough money to buy the flagship iPhone 5S – it will not be difficult to save up for a backup power source, since the extra 100-200 grams in your pocket is not a hindrance. In addition, iOS 7 has a lot of built-in tools for optimizing energy consumption, a good half of which are able to work in automatic mode.

However, the unpleasant truth is that the battery efficiency is not constant and greatly depends on the mode in which the device is used. Simply put, the batteries need to be periodically calibrated – a sort of analogue to the factory reset, which the i-gadget’s energy system will only benefit.

How to improve battery life of iPad or iPhone

1. Launch any application on the iPhone or iPad, preferably the most resource-intensive. And go to drink tea, in a restaurant on the other side of the city, and take a walk on foot – during this time the device will completely discharge and turn off by itself.

2. 0% charge level – connect the charger and charge iPhone or iPad to 100%.

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3. The cherished numbers appeared on the display, but do not disconnect the charger for at least one more hour.

4. Again, do your best to quickly drain the battery. An important point – while the energy flows into nowhere, you need to stay away from outlets. No contact with charging, even for a second, otherwise the "magic" will be destroyed.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 again, charge the battery of the iOS device and let it “brew”.

6. Calibration is verified, you can use the tablet in the usual way.

A simple algorithm of several discharge / charge cycles helps to reset the stray settings that have accumulated during the chaotic recharge of the battery. It’s no secret that many are in a hurry to “feed” their favorite gadget, as soon as the strips on the indicator have become smaller than usual. It may be convenient from a practical point of view, but harmful from a technical point of view.

The harsh truth of life is that the batteries of even such advanced devices as the iPhone or iPad Air have a very limited life. For compact size and affordable price you have to pay with something, right? Over time, they degrade and the time between recharges will become shorter, the battery will tend to discharge spontaneously and in the end it will just have to be replaced. But before that, regularly conducting a simple calibration, it will be possible to squeeze the maximum possible out of its working module.


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