How To Fix And Disable The Most Annoying Features In Ios 10

How To Fix And Disable The Most Annoying Features In Ios 10

Each release of the new operating system is accompanied by a bunch of quirks and annoying features. iOS 10 is no exception, but fortunately, most of these features can be easily fixed.

Unlock Touch ID like in iOS 9

Unlocking your phone now works in a completely different way. “Slide your finger across the screen"Has now completely disappeared and is unlikely to ever return. Now you have to click on the button Home, to unlock the phone. If you do not want to constantly press the Home button to unlock, then this can be easily fixed. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to "Settings".> "Basic."> "Universal access".> "Home".
  • Enable option “Opening with a finger”.

Now your phone is unlocked when you put your finger on the Home button. Clicking on it is no longer required.

Turn off the ability to respond to messages from the lock screen

If you are worried about your privacy and you are not a fan of “how easy it is to reply to messages from the lock screen”, then you can disable this feature:

  • Open "Settings".> “Touch ID and password.”
  • Enter your password.
  • Dip below to "Reply by message" and turn off this option.
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You will no longer be able to respond to messages from the lock screen, which will help to protect you your private data. There are also other applications that can identify themselves somehow on the lock screen. So be very careful with them. If you feel uncomfortable with applications that can be controlled from the lock screen, then do not let alerts appear there.

Turn off Raise to Wake

This function automatically turns on the backlight when you take the phone, but it does not do this for everyone. If you are tired of it, or it turns on the screen too often, or at the wrong time, then you can simply turn it off:

  • Head to "Settings".> “Screen and brightness”
  • Disable option "Raise to activate."

Clear Spotlight Search Results

For some reason, Spotlight likes to save your searches when you go to the search menu. It shows you ALL your search queries. There is no way to remove them as such. However, you can turn off this function:

  • Head to "Settings".> "Basic."> Spotlight Search
  • Uncheck the box next to "Siri’s offerings. "

These actions will of course disable the search suggestions in Spotlight, but it will at least remove the cache with search queries.

Prevent applications from automatically adding to posts

For example, the popular Yelp and OpenTable applications have iMessage extensions that allow you to search for restaurants directly from Messages. This is certainly great, but unfortunately the settings iOS 10 make adding these extensions automatic, without your participation. It can be fixed:

  • Open "Messages" and click on the arrow icon.> "Applications. "
  • Click on the icon with four circles in the lower left corner. Then to the Store icon.
  • Click on the panel "Control".
  • Switch "Automatically add applications" in position "Switch off".
How To Fix And Disable The Most Annoying Features In Ios 10

Now you will need to add the applications you want to use yourself.

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Disable Safari autocomplete for contact information and Email

AT Safari special Quicktype A keyboard that provides suggestions for personal information when you fill out any forms. This is convenient for some people, but it bothers everyone else. This can be disabled:

  • Go to "Settings".> "Safari."> "Autofill".
  • Turn off "Use contact information, names, passwords and credit cards."

More Safari will not offer you autocomplete for forms.

Disable “Reduce movement” in case of inoperative effects

If you play with the new messaging app and cannot open the effects panel, then there is a good chance that you have the option enabled “Reduce movement”. To return these effects, do the following:

  • Head to "Settings".> "Universal access".> "Reduce movement."
  • Turn off this option.

After that, you should be free to access the effects.

Remove Dictation Button

For some reason, some of us who turned off the dictation button ran into a bug where this button appears after installing iOS 10. This can be easily fixed:

  • Click "Settings".> "Basic."> "Keyboard".
  • Turn off the option Enable Dictation.

The microphone icon should disappear again.


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