How To Find Out The Real (At The Moment) Battery Capacity In Iphone And Ipad

How To Find Out The Real (At The Moment) Battery Capacity In Iphone And Ipad

Greetings! There are a lot of reasons for the need to check information on how much capacity is left on an iPhone or iPad battery. A similar need may arise out of simple curiosity: for example, it became interesting to me – should I go to change the battery of my old iPhone 5S? Or is she still not so bad?

Also, such a procedure acquires great importance during the purchase of a used device. After all, the seller can simply deceive – to say that the battery he holds just as much as he should. And even show usage statistics (you can easily wind it up), but in fact – half of the capacity is already lost there. How to find out the truth about the state of the battery – is it bad or not? No one will wait several hours for the sake of verification! There are ways easier and faster – let’s talk about them, let’s go!

Important notice. We get all the battery information for free, without hacking the device and other jailbreak. Cool? Not that word!

Now we’re definitely starting. Forward!:)

How to check the battery life of iPhone or iPad using a computer?

There are many programs that can give us all the necessary information about the battery. These are the famous iTools, iFunBox and many others. However, they are piled up with various functions (sometimes very redundant), and we only need battery statistics! Therefore, in this case, I advise you to use iBackupBot – the desired function in it is also not the main one, however, the minimum program size and simple interface speaks in its favor.

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You can download it from the developer’s site, there are versions for Windows and Mac OS. Please note that iTunes must be installed to use the program.

And then everything is simple:

  1. Install and run the program.
  2. We connect the phone to the computer. To connect correctly, you need to unlock your iPhone or iPad (if a password is set on the screen, enter it) and click "Trust this computer" in the dialog that appears.
  3. In the lower left corner we see the name of the device, click on it, then – information.
  4. In the window that opens, we immediately see all the battery information.

Since all the inscriptions are in English, I will give a small decryption of the received data:

  • CycleCount – the number of full recharges of the battery.
  • DesignCapacity is the capacity that was originally from the new gadget.
  • FullChargeCapacity – current capacity.
  • Status: Success – the general characteristic of the battery at the moment.

As you can see, my iPhone 5S for 2.5 years, the capacity fell by only 150 mAh and this is a very good result! In fact, it is almost new. How did you manage to achieve such indicators? I just know how to properly charge my iPhone and iPad, try it and you – there is nothing complicated there.

Apps that tell you all about the battery status of your iPhone or iPad

Unfortunately, no one is safe from the situation when the computer is not at hand, and you need to check the battery life of your iOS device here and now. Various applications from the App Store can help us with this. The best part is that you do not need to hack the device and install jailbreak – everything happens without it.

How To Find Out The Real (At The Moment) Battery Capacity In Iphone And Ipad

At the time of writing this article, a huge number of programs (about 15-20) have been visited on my iPhone in one way or another connected with the battery. And only in one of them all data (charge cycles, actual capacity, etc.) were shown for free, immediately after installation and without any additional purchases.

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Meet Battery Life. Download link on the App Store. Install and run. Click in the upper left corner – the settings open, we are interested in the menu item – Raw Data. And we clearly see all the information (also displayed in real time!).

A few points:

  • Battery Charge – the indicator means how much the battery is currently charged and how much it can charge.
  • Capacity – current \ standard battery capacity.
  • Cycles – the number of recharge cycles.

An attentive reader will notice that the data for my device is slightly different during various checks (using a computer and application). How so ?!

Firstly, this difference is really small – an error of 3-5%. And secondly, this is completely normal – as different programs use different algorithms. And then, the battery of my iPhone 5S has been working for quite a long time – almost 2.5 years and it is quite difficult to analyze its use for a similar period.

In any case, the check can be carried out by any option presented in the article, and the overall picture of the battery life of your iPhone or iPad will be clear. To get the most plausible values ​​- use both methods, and choose the average of what happened.


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