How To Find Out That Your Number Is Blocked On Someone’S Iphone

How To Find Out That Your Number Is Blocked On Someone'S Iphone

Along with the seventh iOS released in 2013 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, in addition to a number of new software features, there was also a feature for blocking incoming phone calls, which was enthusiastically received by many users, because it switched to the current iOS 8 and, they say, will continue. into the new iOS 9.

Actually block unwanted contacts on the iPhone – the solution is really convenient and even useful. For reasons that are understandable to every modern person.

But what if someone blocks you in exactly the same way? Or do you just think that your (or not your) acquaintances have already managed to block you on the iPhone? In general, paranoia is not far away.

Although more often users begin to suspect technical malfunctions of the device itself, and some, under the impression of surging emotions, sometimes even try to debug it in the traditional way, i.e. by mechanical action on the body and screen of the device.

Therefore, in order to avoid, so to speak, it would be nice to know more about the operation of this very blocking function, because there are some nuances here.

So how do you know if your number is blocked on someone’s iPhone?

Well, let’s say right away: the surest way to find out that someone has blocked you on your iPhone is to take this iPhone and check the list of blocked contacts in it. We have not yet come up with more reliable ones (or we don’t know about them yet), and Apple decided that this kind of information should be kept secret from the “hero of the occasion”.

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However, since it’s really important for you to know that someone has gotten into hearing about you on your iPhone, you can try to confirm this fact for some indirect reasons. So:

if you’re blocked on your iPhone: what happens to your calls?
Using a fairly simple experiment, you can establish that first an incoming call from a blocked number will go through, but only once and maybe it will be noticed. But at this time, the caller will hear a message that the called subscriber is not available, and will be redirected to voicemail.

That is, if you are locked in someone’s iPhone, then you still have the opportunity to leave a voice message to its owner. The device will not separately notify of such a message, but it will appear in the inbox, however, only in the “Blocked“, Which, as a rule, is rarely visited.

if you’re blocked on your iPhone: what happens to your text messages?

If you can’t get through to someone, you send him / her an SMS, right? Right. SMS safely leaves, there is no error return, and you are waiting for an answer. But, if you are on the blacklist at the addressee, then, of course, you will not wait for answers.

How To Find Out That Your Number Is Blocked On Someone'S Iphone

Therefore, if there is a suspicion that you were blocked, you must send a message through iMessage. In the version for iOS 7, that program will first make several attempts to transfer the letter to the desired iPhone, and when it fails, it will give a notification that the message cannot be received by the subscriber who blocked you.

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But here, too, not everything is so simple. In iOS 7, such a trick rolls, but in iOS 8 – no longer. In iOS 8 iMessage, the message supposedly sends and reports that it is "Delivered“, But iPhone will not accept messages from blocked contacts even through iMessage.

As you can see, it’s possible to guess that the subscriber has blocked you on his iPhone, and for one call, if you call carefully (and if you are actually blocked, and not just what you thought). The key point here is the fact that you are thrown into voicemail after the first beep.

If the iPhone is turned off, then the call simply will not work. In mode "Do not disturb»IPhone receives calls (beeps), but without sound, plus in this mode, repeated calls are often allowed. So you can try dialing again if the call is really urgent.

And in conclusion, we repeat: the above methods do not allow us to establish reliably that you are blacklisted on someone’s iPhone, so you still should not rush to conclusions and with unnecessary emotions. But even if you were blocked, then before you start to get nervous about this, think about whether it is really necessary for this person to call.


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