How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Ipad

How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Ipad

Many users of Apple products, when purchasing devices of this brand, open an account in the AppStore. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, iPod, MacBook or iPad, sooner or later you will want to register. And that’s why.

AppStore – what is it and what is it for?

This is the name of the online supermarket. You can buy the necessary applications in it, but there are also sections where you can download for free. In total, today there are 29 categories.

Here are some of them:

  • business,
  • education,
  • entertainment,
  • finance,
  • the medicine,
  • music,
  • performance,
  • Photo and video,
  • games,
  • utilities and many more useful things.

How to find iPad if stolen

Unfortunately, unpleasant situations happen in our life when we lose, forget, or steal a device with an “apple” from us. But this is not scary, since it can be returned.

Thieves Love Apple Devices

To do this, you need to follow a few steps. You must have:

  • Apple ID (it is created when creating an account in the AppStore);
  • “Find iPhone” application (it is in every iPad),
  • Internet connection;
  • geolocation detection (GPS) is included.

For search iCloud is used. You must log in using your Apple account ID. It’s not necessary to use an Apple tablet for login – any gadget with which you can visit Internet resources will do. Now you need to activate Lost mode and try to find the lost iPad.

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What can be done in Lost mode

Using this function, you can do the following:

  • block iPad,
  • send a message directly to the tablet screen with a number by which you can call the owner,
  • completely erase data from the device.

Using the Lost function, you can send a message to your device finder.

Let’s hope that the last item is not required and the device will be returned to the owner. If you still had to use this feature, do not worry. After all, all data can be restored from a backup in the cloud storage.

With the "activation lock" access to the tablet is completely closed, and no one can even remove it from the lock to steal or simply see information about you, your friends and acquaintances.

Find iPhone app

Finding an iPhone will also help Find My iPhone. It has similar functionality as iCloud:

  • You can find the location of your iPad,
  • if necessary, you can delete the information,
  • it will also turn out to change the password,
  • You can send a request that you return the gadget.
How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Ipad

Video about how the Find My iPhone application works:

In those devices that are activated in the account, determining the place of stay is not difficult. But sometimes there are situations when this may not work. Here are some examples:

  • the tablet is off
  • no internet connection
  • “flight mode” is on,
  • location off
  • erased all your information.

If you are lucky and everything works, you can easily use the “Find iPhone” function

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If the lost or stolen iPad has a GPS module, then the accuracy will be very high. But if it so happened that it’s on your “tablet” that GPS is not broken or you’ll have to use mobile towers. And then – only if you have a module for a SIM card. If this is not the case, then only Wi-Fi remains. It is definitely on all Apple devices.

Can I find the iPad by serial number?

It often becomes known that law enforcement agencies find different mobile gadgets using IMEI. What is it?

IMEI is a unique code for each released device in which information about it is encrypted. When you start your device, it communicates with the mobile towers, and the operator fixes its location. At the request of law enforcement officers, you can find out where Aypad is now, but only they can get such information and only after you contact them. If you do not know the IMEI of your tablet, see the code on the box or in the instruction manual.

If you want to know the IMEI of your device, then enter the combination # 06 # in phone mode

Hopefully, the question is: if you lost your iPad – how to find it will never arise. Be careful and carefully monitor your devices with the logo of the "bullseye"!


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