How To Enable Modem Mode On Iphone 6

How To Enable Modem Mode On Iphone 6

IPhones are universal devices. They not only allow you to make calls and visit the Internet, but can also act as a modem themselves. With their help, you can distribute traffic to selected subscribers, within the range of the network (or the length of the USB cable). For this, a special mode is provided, it is enough to activate and configure it to provide the Internet with any devices: from smartphones or smart watches, to a computer.

No modem mode?

Often after installing regular updates on the iPhone, for some obvious reason, some network settings “fly off”. So the modem mode stops working, or the system hangs endlessly on the window of the running process. But the problem is not new, each time the situation repeats at a different frequency and no one is safe from it.

The next, the ninth version of iOS, did not escape such problems. After the update, the users simply lost the corresponding item in the menu, or when trying to turn it on – the smartphone hung for a long time in the launch state.

But in fact, the modem distribution function itself did not go away. It turned out that Apple simply turned off this mode by default – they say that they rarely use it anyway. And of course, this was partly done in order to avoid responsibility for his work, taking into account the peculiarities of the Internet settings of operators around the world. After all, explaining this to users each time requires a lot of time from the technical support service. And so the owner of the iPhone, at his own peril and risk, opens access to it to third parties, which means there are no complaints against the manufacturer.

However, in fact, many users are accustomed to using the iPhone as an access point, and now they feel like without hands. For example, on the road it is much more convenient to work on a laptop, receiving traffic from a smartphone “over the air” or through a cable, without an additional router. So let’s figure out how to return the possibility of distributing the Internet through your iPhone.

How to activate?

If the connection in modem mode does not work in iOS 9, you will need to turn it on first and then manually register your operator’s data.

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So, for this, we find the section of cellular communications in the settings, scroll to the item – Modem mode, and put it opposite – “enable”.

Done, modem mode is activated. Now you need to make your operator’s settings in the provided cellular data tabs. The example below shows the network settings of the Megaphone.

We also offer appropriate settings for the most popular domestic telecom operators.

– If you are connected to Beeline, in the first paragraph – APN, register:, in the second – username, set: beeline, in the third – password, again – beeline.

– U Tele2 everything is much simpler: in the APN line, enter:, and the username and password items just need to be left blank.

– In the settings forYota only the line with APN is filled in, where it is indicated. internet.yota, the other two remain empty.

– For MTS everything looks like this: in the first paragraph we set –, in the remaining two – mts.

– Users Motivtelecom make: in APN –, as login and password – motiv.

After entering the settings of the mobile operator into the iPhone, the “Modem Mode” function becomes available. If your operator is not presented in the list above, you can contact him directly to get the modem settings.

Pay attention to an important point – when the modem mode is running, the iPhone will automatically distribute to the Internet to the computer, with any connection with a USB cable. Even if this is another synchronization for creating backups via iTunes. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive expenses for mobile traffic, do not forget to disable this option if it is not used.

Any problems?

Try the following:

  • We recommend that after entering the data, immediately reboot the device by pressing the power key and moving it “down”. So all changes to the settings will take effect, and it will be possible to turn on the modem mode on your iPhone without any problems.
  • You should also make sure whether the version of iOS 9 installed on the iPhone is relevant, as there were various kinds of network failures in its first two releases. After the update, the problem can be solved by itself, or you will have to repeat the procedure for making modem settings again.
  • Oddly enough, it doesn’t hurt to check the donor iPhone’s network connection. No one ruled out some technical malfunctions of the operator, just follow any link to make sure that there is a connection.
  • If the obvious causes of the problems, such as the disconnected modem mode, the outdated version of iOS and the lack of settings, were excluded, and the iPhone still refuses to distribute the Internet, you can try resetting the network settings and trying to reconnect. This is usually the most effective way to deal with any problems.
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To perform a selective reset, go to the “Basic” section of the settings. Scroll to the reset point and in it click on the offer to reset the network settings. This operation requires repeated confirmation by entering the lock password (if one has been set). After your consent, all saved network settings, including passwords and Wi-Fi settings, will be erased. In the process of erasing, the company logo and status bar will appear on the iPhone screen. All other content on the smartphone will remain in place.

Upon completion of the process, the iPhone should automatically reboot. If this does not happen, be sure to restart it yourself. After that, manually enter the modem settings described at the beginning of the article.

  • Another alternative to selective resetting is through the cellular menu.

Again we find the point of the cellular data network in it, and select the reset tab in it.

And again, we remind you of the need to reboot at the end of the reset process, so that iOS brings into effect the changes made.

In both reset cases, all saved network settings are reset, no other user data is affected. You will only have to re-enter the necessary information or ask the cellular service providers for automatic settings, if any.

  • Also, after updating the shell, many encountered problems in the operation of the Wi-Fi module. You re-register network settings, enter the correct password, pair with third-party devices, but the system refuses to accept them. It is clear that without the presence of a connection between the two devices, the iPhone will not be able to distribute anything.
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In such situations, the operation of "forgetting" the selected network helps.

Find the desired Wi-Fi network in the settings, select "forget". After that, start the search and re-enter the connection settings. If you are worried about the safety of information during discharges, because sometimes something goes wrong, we recommend that you always make a fresh backup before any serious interventions. With its help, it will be possible to restore the gadget from any state (except for physical damage).

Other causes of failures

The described tips did not help and the desired function still does not work? Below is a list of other possible problems and methods to deal with them.

  • It happens that previously successful distributions suddenly stop working. In such situations, re-enabling / disabling the service helps.
  • During incoming calls, the access point may be temporarily blocked. Usually, at the end of the conversation, it is activated automatically, but in rare cases you have to do it manually.
  • In addition, some mobile operators limit the number of devices simultaneously connected via Wi-Fi, so we recommend connecting no more than three devices in one session.
  • Sometimes the impossibility of distribution is caused by the fact that the recipient device simply does not support receiving high-speed networks. Ideally, it should recognize the 802.11g / n standard, with WPA2 encryption.
  • And another possible reason why the modem mode does not work, is that the operator simply does not support this service in your chosen tariff plan.
  • The access point may not open due to an unstable connection between the iPhone and the network. Constant gaps block the execution of a running operation. In this case, rebooting and arriving in a zone with stable coverage helps.

As you can see, in the vast majority of cases, the cause of malfunctions in the modem connection is not so much the iPhone itself or its system, but rather the features of the operator’s work and settings. Therefore, you must first contact the provider of mobile services. And all hardware problems of the smartphone are eliminated by rebooting, resetting, or updating the firmware to the current version.


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