How To Enable And Configure The Equalizer (Eq) On Iphone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, Detailed Instructions

How To Enable And Configure The Equalizer (Eq) On Iphone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, Detailed Instructions

Before throwing 300 bucks on new headphones with the latest technology in order to listen to music on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), check if the Equalizer setup application can make your current headphones sound like a million dollars, well, or at least good enough to satisfy your tastes.

Of course, if you are in an ideal place to listen to music, with perfect music files and perfect headphones, you won’t need to twist the bass or tune the frequencies. Those. Equalizer for music on iOS is also not needed.

However, most of us listen to music on the train, in the gym, or while walking around the city – in an environment where even with almost perfect headphones there is no guarantee for a good sound. This is where the EQ comes to the rescue.

EQ regulates sound frequencies, and more specifically, sound signals of certain frequencies relative to other frequencies. In a person with healthy ears, the hearing range is from 20 Hz to 2 kHz (20 000 Hz), while the bass is at low frequencies, and high frequencies are at the top of the sound range. When you adjust the equalizer with respect to music, you can raise and lower certain frequencies.

If you really like the bass (or it’s hard to distinguish), you can boost the bass in the mix. And if the treble is about to break open the eardrums, you can weaken their sound. Let’s see where the equalizer is and how to set up the equalizer on the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X?

How to set up the equalizer (Equalizer) on iPhone and iPad, instructions

Setting the built-in equalizer on the iPhone is not a good idea, since it loses to most applications (list below). Nevertheless, the situations are different and such a setting may be a banal necessity, due to the lack of other options.

Finding the equalizer on the iPhone is not so easy, because Apple hid their built-in Equalizer on iOS 11 not in a music application, as it would be logical, but in the settings. This is where the equalizer is located in the iPhone:

1. Go to "Settings" → the "Music" section.

2. There, after the “Sound Check” tab, the built-in application will be located.

iOS offers 27 preset equalizer settings, each of which is based on a certain combination of bass, mid and high frequencies and is named (as a rule) according to the corresponding music genre in Apple’s opinion: electronic, jazz, hip hop, rock, and others. Accordingly, the settings "more high" and "more low" are set in accordance with the characteristics of the genres.

When you select the equalizer settings in the settings, it applies to all the songs that you play in the Music application on the iPhone (note that the equalizer setting does not actually change the source file, all changes occur “on the fly” when the song is playing).

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If you want more flexibility in the equalizer settings so that the “rock” parameter is always included on the songs of Led Zeppelin or old Manson, and “hip hop” during the tracks of Eminem, iTunes can help you. But keep in mind that iTunes Match and EQ do not work well together. Therefore, we recommend resorting to the help of third-party applications, which, by the way, are enough.

Best iPhone player with equalizer, free apps

If you want more control over the sound on iOS and are ready to abandon the use of the built-in application for listening to music, then you can choose one of the third-party ones that offer greater flexibility and functionality.

Fortunately, the AppStore offers a large selection of both paid and free applications, so the choice is entirely yours.

Hf player

A good option for the iPhone would be the free HF Player app, which provides touch control for custom equalizer settings.

In the application, you select a song from the music library, then click on the “Equalizer” button. Drag up the frequencies that you want to amplify, and down those that you want to reduce. You can apply detailed user settings and save them for later use.

How To Enable And Configure The Equalizer (Eq) On Iphone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, Detailed Instructions

Like the built-in equalizer of iOS 11, the application applies a preset to all songs, but switching in the application between your own options is much more convenient.

Audio xciter

RØDE Microphones Audio Xciter takes a different approach to equalizer. Instead of adjusting certain frequencies, you control the “Tune,” “Harmonics,” and “Mix,” which the app uses to adjust the sound.

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The advantage of this method over the standard equalizer is that the application keeps all levels of the song balanced, as a result of which the user mix sounds as close to the original as possible.

There are two versions of the application with different functionality. The first one is free, the second one costs 10. It is up to you to decide which one, however, in our opinion, you should refrain from a paid application, in favor of the free version.

EQu – quality equalizer for iPhone

In our subjective opinion, the Elephantcandy EQu app is one of the best equalizer apps for the iPhone. However, it costs a lot – 15. That is why, the purchase of this application is controversial, this is a good third of high-quality headphones.

What is the result?

Whichever option you choose, you simply have to try out the equalizer settings. You can discover a whole new world of music. Yes, a lot depends on the equipment, however, proper configuration can help get rid of a significant difference.


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