How To Check The Samsung Galaxy Phone For Originality

How To Check The Samsung Galaxy Phone For Originality

Today we will answer a very important question: how to find out if the original Samsung Galaxy? Many consumers want to save money by buying devices on various advertising platforms, where it is very deceiving an ignorant person. If you buy from official retailers, then this problem should not worry you, since they sell 100% original gadgets.

Due to the current economic situation in Russia and neighboring countries, people are forced to look for better deals. Unaware that you might be deceived, you buy a smartphone 2 or even 3 times cheaper than the average retail price and only after a while you realize that you bought a fake.

So how to distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy from a fake? There are several ways that you will learn about now. Choose the most convenient for you and use when buying a smartphone or tablet from the Samsung brand.

1. Check with a service code

This is the easiest and fastest way to check any Galaxy-smartphone for originality. On each device of the company there is a proprietary menu that runs by secret code.

  1. Open the dialer app
  2. Enter the code # 7353 #
  3. This menu should appear on the screen, where there are various options for testing the components of the phone.
  • If you have one, then the device is original.
  • 2. Check by IMEI

    Checking by IMEI number is not a very reliable way to determine if the device is original, but in many cases it really helps. The determination procedure is also not very complicated, it consists of only two steps:

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    First you need to find out the IMEI phone number. To do this, enter the service code # 06 # in the dialer and in an instant you will see it on the screen. It also has on the box from the device and we recommend that you check them at the same time (the numbers must match).

    Now go to the Samsung website and enter IMEI. It is worth noting that here you will not check the device if it is older than the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, I entered my Galaxy Note 4 number and the system reported an error. In this case, use the services of another service. Enter the same number and click the “Check” button to check. You should see information about the device, if it is original.

    Keep in mind that especially advanced scammers can “steal” a real IMEI from a genuine Samsung gadget and replace it with a Chinese copy. However, this happens very rarely and the third method will help you to make sure whether the Galaxy is a fake or an original device.

    3. Explore the characteristics of your desired smartphone or tablet

    If you study the technical specifications of the desired smartphone or tablet in advance, this will help distinguish the original from the fake. The fact is that copies have significantly better specifications, so it’s not difficult to see the difference.

    Ask the seller to test the device in popular benchmarks such as Antutu, Geekbench and GFXBench, and then take screenshots of it. Most likely, he will refuse to do this, which is a good confirmation that the device is not original. We also recommend installing the AIDA64 program on your phone, which displays a complete list of features.

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    Copies, for example, use other screens, processors, memory, flash drives, and cameras.

    4. Detect by touch

    If the next time you get a copy of it in your hands, then you will immediately notice the difference. Due to the poor quality of the materials used and the less capacious battery of the Chinese fake, you will feel the difference in weight. The original will certainly be heavier and better assembled.

    Now you know all the popular ways to check your Samsung smartphone for originality. If you still have any questions. Feel free to write them below.


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