How To Check How Many Times The Iphone Was Charged

How To Check How Many Times The Iphone Was Charged

In this article, we will consider – to whom and when should I check the iPhone battery for its suitability.

Discover, how many times did the iPhone charge and how well the smartphone’s battery charges as a percentage of the stated battery capacity is useful. In the event that you have been using an Apple device for a long time and suddenly began to suspect that the battery is quickly discharging and should be changed. Perhaps this suspicion is connected with the next “difficult” iOS update, which is not fully optimized, and the iPhone battery is in order. You need to know exactly about the battery on the iPhone in order to take some action later.

Another case when you buy a used iPhone, you should definitely check how well the battery lasts to be sure of the autonomy of the smartphone (and it is possible to protect yourself from additional waste associated with replacing the battery)

How to check iPhone battery

There are no system standard features for checking the iPhone battery in iOS. But if you have a Mac on hand it will be easy and simple, and most importantly quickly. By installing the free coconutBattery utility, you can very quickly find out the battery characteristics on your smartphone. Connect the tested iPhone to the Mac and run the coconutBattery program, a small window opens with the characteristics of the connected iPhone.

In the iOS Device section, you can see the following information:

  • iPhone model
  • production date;
  • iOS version
  • iPhone memory usage
  • declared battery capacity;
  • deviation from the norm when the battery is fully charged;
  • number of battery cycles;
  • iPhone temperature
  • status – charging / discharging.
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On the Device details tab, the following iPhone information:

  • smartphone model;
  • date of manufacture;
  • iPhone age
  • iPhone serial number
  • phone number.

The example shows the iPhone 5, which quickly runs out of battery, and also has the habit of turning off by 20-40% of the charge. After checking it with the coconutBattery utility on a Macbook, it turned out that the battery already has 714 charging cycles, when the battery is 100% charged, the battery capacity is 687 mAh, which is 48% of the original volume of 1430 mAh.

IPhone’s average battery life is 500 cycles

Having found out the battery information of this iPhone, you can now confidently carry it to a service center to replace the battery with a new one.

With such a program at hand, you can always keep abreast of the battery on your iPhone. For PC owners, this utility is not, but there is a similar program iBackupbot. How to find out the number of Cyclops charging iPhone using iBackupbot, you can from this article.


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