How To Change The Default Browser On Ipad

How To Change The Default Browser On Ipad

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If more than one browser is installed on your computer, then you will constantly be faced with a notification asking which of them you want to open a particular file with. Over time, this can be annoying, and you will have two options: remove all browsers except the most convenient one, or change the settings and select the default browser.

What is the default browser?

In the main settings of the computer, you can find the option “Default browser”. It means which of the browsers located on your computer will open links. That is, if you open a file containing a link to a document or page, you will not receive the message “Using which browser to execute this command?”, But immediately go to the desired tab.

How to install and configure the default browser

There are several ways to change the browser that will be given priority in completing tasks.

Universal way

This method is suitable for raising any browser to the default status, since the parameters will be changed through the settings of the computer itself. The only difference is the location of these settings, depending on the version of Windows.

How to change in Windows 10

  1. Through a Windows search, open the Settings application.

How to change in Windows 7 and 8

  1. To enable the default browser, open the Windows Control Panel.
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How to assign manually

If for some reason you cannot go to changing the default browser through the computer settings, then you can do this through the browser itself. If you use Windows 8.1, 10, the settings will appear on the screen, in which you will need to confirm the action by changing the browser manually.

How to choose default Google Chrome

  1. Expand your browser menu.

How to change the settings for Opera

  1. Expand your browser’s main menu by clicking on the Opera logo.
How To Change The Default Browser On Ipad

Setting preferences for Mozilla Firefox

  1. Expand your browser menu.

What settings to set to use Yandex Browser

  1. Expand the browser menu.

How to make Internet Explorer a default browser

  1. Expand your browser menu.

How to set default Microsoft Edge

  1. Expand your browser menu.

Change Confirmation

The last way to change the default browser is to accept the notification that sometimes appears when you start a non-primary browser.

What to do if browser is not installed by default

There are several ways to help resolve the error due to which the default browser is constantly reset or not set at all.

Computer reboot

The first thing to do in this situation is to restart the computer. All programs and background processes will be restarted and may start working correctly.


Completely erase the browser from the memory of your computer, and then download the installation file from the official website of the developer and go through the installation process. This can help when the files responsible for the browser were damaged by a virus or user actions.

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Change the way you open programs and files

If you cannot install the default browser, you can do the opposite: set all the files and programs to the browser through which they will be required to open at startup.

    Through a Windows search, open "Options."

So, if you use several browsers at the same time, you need to choose the most convenient one and change the computer settings so that all the necessary files and programs are opened by default using it. This can be done through the Windows settings or the settings of the browser itself. If the default browser is constantly reset, then you need to fix this problem manually using one of the above methods.


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