How To Block A Phone Number So That They Don’T Call

How To Block A Phone Number So That They Don’T Call

Cases when telephone calls are made ten times a day from anonymous numbers are not so rare. Often companies with dubious offers, collectors or just unpleasant people call us. If the organization’s phone number is new each time, then you will have to manually reset the call. For other situations, there is a call barring feature.

Is it possible to block the number so that they do not call

Have you ever become a victim of a collection agency? Good if not! Just imagine, one unfamiliar day, unfamiliar numbers appeared on the display of your mobile phone. After the said indecisive “Hello”, on the other end of the phone you will hear a story about how your relative or even just the former owner of the number owed a large amount on the loan. Such companies will immediately offer to pay off the debt, but after your polite refusal they will constantly call. There is only one way out – to prohibit the subscriber from making calls and get rid of unnecessary spam.

There are several ways to block a number on an Android, iPhone or phone without an operating system. For the first two options, special applications have been developed for adding unnecessary subscribers to the black list. Absolutely all device models will be able to block using a telephone service provider. The barring can be placed both on calls from a certain subscriber, and on hidden calls.

How to block an incoming call from a specific number

The problem of how to quickly block a phone number so that annoying fans do not call often occurs. When calls are barred, another fan through the speaker of his own phone will hear the usual beeps, which will soon be replaced by short ones. The full impression is that you dropped an unwanted call yourself. At the same time, information on the calling person will not be reflected on your device; it will be possible to view it only through the application or requesting data from the operator.

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Using a mobile operator

If the unpleasant question of how to block a phone number so that they do not call is especially acute, then it is best to resolve it as soon as possible. The largest mobile operators such as MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Tele2 have the ability to prohibit the connection of someone else’s number with yours. To use it, as a rule, you need to enter certain commands and a set of numbers. Megafon subscribers will be helped by the service, which has the uncomplicated name “Black List”, it is connected for free, and the monthly fee will be no more than a ruble per day. You can connect as follows:

  1. Open the Messages menu.
  2. Leaving the text field blank, send SMS to 5130.
  3. After the connection report, you can add unwanted subscribers. To do this, send a telephone combination of digits starting with 7 to 5130. Deleting from the black list is possible by replacing the plus with minus in the message.

How to block someone else’s phone number using the MTS operator will tell you this algorithm:

  1. To activate the service, dial on your device a combination of numbers and symbols “111442 #”, then press the button with the handset. Connection is absolutely free, as well as adding numbers, but you will be charged 1.5 rubles per day.
  2. In the message field, type two deuces, an asterisk, and then the number you want to block. Send to 4424. If it is successfully added, the caller will receive information about the disconnected device.

Adherents of the Beeline operator such an important service also did not pass by. However, the conditions here are somewhat different. Connection, as elsewhere, is free, the monthly fee is 1 ruble daily, but for the addition of each new phone you will have to pay 3 rubles. The service is connected as follows:

  1. The character combination 110771 #, followed by a call key, activates the desired option. Replacing the last unit with zero will disable it.
  2. In a similar combination in front of the grill, add an asterisk and an insertable phone number starting with seven. So you put the subscriber in the list of undesirable.
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How to put a ban on the number in the phone settings

When it comes to a button device, no matter what option you connect, you will always have to consult the instructions for the device. However, with regard to creating a list of unwanted calls, the phones of one company are similar. Such an instruction is most likely to be effective for Samsung push-button devices:

  1. Enter the call log and look for the one you want to block in it.
  2. Select the “Options” submenu.
  3. Scroll to the end of the list of commands until you see Add to Black List.
  4. On the offer to save, answer in the affirmative.

If the device, for example, Lenovo or Nokia, is equipped with the Android operating system, then the problem of how to block the phone number so that they do not ring can be solved by installing a special application:

How To Block A Phone Number So That They Don’T Call
  1. Open the Play Market.
  2. In the search, enter the phrase "black list".
  3. From the proposed options, choose the one that is more acceptable to you.
  4. Open the application, find the "Add" button and follow the prompts of the program.

Through the Internet

Leading telephone operators have long had modern sites on which you can read the information of interest and enter your personal account to view the connected services. If you are tormented by the question of how to block a contact on your phone, then an online account can also help you. You can create your list of unwanted calls on the website of any mobile company:

  • Megaphone has a Service guide where the user can manage the services. Get access to your personal account by activating the 10500 # command with the "Call" button.
  • To enter the MTS personal account, you only need to enter the phone number in a special field and receive a message with a password.
  • Beeline works in a similar way: the code for authorization comes as a message.
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How to block calls from unknown numbers

It’s crucial for some people to hide from the called party, which is easy to do. If the anonym is too intrusive, then it’s time to put it and the same secretive in the black list. How to block an indefinite contact on an Android smartphone, the instruction will prompt:

  1. Activate the "Settings" menu.
  2. Find the “Call settings” submenu and go into it and select “Call rejection”.
  3. In the first paragraph, mark the point "Reject from the list."
  4. Go to the “Black List”, tick off the line “Unknown” or “Private numbers”.

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