How To Arrange Icons On The Desktop Of Iphone And Ipad Anywhere On The Screen 2 Ways

How To Arrange Icons On The Desktop Of Iphone And Ipad Anywhere On The Screen 2 Ways

Each owner of an iPhone or iPad must have paid attention to the “correct” arrangement of icons on the desktop at least once in his life. In the process, you probably came across the fact that iOS, for example, does not allow you to put two favorite applications in the middle of the screen and nothing more. But now everything has changed!

The iOS desktop, just like the other elements of iOS, practically does not lend itself to user customization without having to jailbreak the device. However, craftsmen managed to find at least two tricky ways to create empty space on a springboard, which we will discuss in this manual.

How to arrange icons on iPhone or iPad in random order

one. Download any picture as your desktop wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad. About where to download the wallpaper and how to do it, we talked in detail in this material.

2. Open the downloaded image in the application Photo and tap the screen to hide the application’s interface elements.

Important: pay attention that the selected image completely covers the screen (if you wish, you can increase or decrease it).

3. Take a screenshot (instructions).

4. Open the standard Safari browser and follow this link.

5. Go to the "Create BLANK icons"And then press the button "Add".

6. Next tap on the button "Select a file»And in the menu that appears, select Media Library.

7. Select the screenshot image that was taken in step 3. Press the button "Send".

After downloading, your screenshot with the location of the icons will be displayed on the page.

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8. Select the place where you want to see the empty space in the future, for example, the “2 × 2” square.

9. Click the "Share this". In the bottom row of actions, select the icon “To the Home screen”.

10. Do not add a name or change the link, just click the “Add".

After these simple actions, a “dummy” with a piece of wallpaper will appear on the desktop. It remains to place it in the desired position.

11. Arrange the pacifiers as you wish, for example, in the shape of a letter or figure:

By clicking on the dummy, you will immediately open the service page. Return to the previous page of the site and repeat the steps starting from step 8 to add new “dummies”.

So that the “dummy” does not stand out, ideally you need to enable the “Movement reduction” function, for which go to SettingsThe mainUniversal accessMotion reduction and activate the corresponding switch.

Dummies are deleted in the same way as any application in iOS.

How to arrange icons on iPhone and iPad anywhere in the home screen using the Commands application (for devices on iOS 12 and later)

If you want to leave only a few programs on your desktop and – most importantly – arrange them the way you want … Another solution also offers a new application from Apple – Teams.

However, unlike the previous method, we need only plain “wallpapers” on the desktop. Otherwise, the whole charm of the trick is lost – you will see dummy icons, and this is a complete failure. At the same time, this method allows you to add "magic" effects. However, first things first.

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For this example, we will take a completely black “wallpaper”. Such a picture is already in the system settings of your iPhone or iPad: Settings → Wallpaper → Snapshots. The black image is the latest on the list. Install it.

Now open the Teams app (if you don’t already have one, download it from the App Store (review), by default it is not supplied with iOS). Here’s what you need to do:

How To Arrange Icons On The Desktop Of Iphone And Ipad Anywhere On The Screen 2 Ways

1. Click New team.

2. Touch the toggle icon with the settings in the upper right corner.

3. Click on the name field. To make the name not visible, copy the characters between the square brackets. The brackets themselves do not need to be copied.

Next click Done.

4. Now let’s change Icon. Click on the appropriate line. Touch the caption Screen "Home …".

Here you can take a photo or choose a ready-made photo from the library. Of course, it should be the same color as the background image on the desktop. We just took a screenshot of the black photo (you can download it here) and then indicated it as an icon. Click Done.

5. Now return to the main screen of the created Teams and click on the button Share this, select Add to the Home screen.

On the new screen, press the button again Share this at the bottom of the screen, scroll to the left until you find the inscription To the Home screen. Click on it.

Done – our completely black icon has appeared on your desktop! As you can see, it merges with the surrounding background, and it creates the full impression that there is nothing on the screen except icons located in a very strange order for iOS.

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Make as many icons as you need. To do this, just go back to the Teams and repeat the same actions with the already created shortcut.

P.S. By the way, if you wish, you can also attach useful actions for the calendar, browsing the Internet, maps, contacts, Apple Music, etc. to “absolutely black” icons. This is already an extraordinary level of magic – you just click your finger on a black background, and iOS suddenly starts to do something!

Fiction – but not for those who are in the subject.


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