How To Arrange Icons Anywhere On The Ios Desktop

How To Arrange Icons Anywhere On The Ios Desktop

With a “crutch”, but without a jailbreak.

One of the silly limitations of iOS is the inability to place icons anywhere on the desktop. Indeed, why can’t you place the program, for example, in the lower right corner without filling the entire space with other icons?

Users of devices with jailbreaks do not have such problems, I recommend using the service to everyone else to solve the problem iempty.tooliphone.

The method is based on adding transparent shortcuts that will take up space on the screen and move applications to the desired positions. Get ready, the instruction is not the fastest, however, there is nothing complicated in the procedure.

      one. Turn on the mode Motion reduction (Settings – Universal Access) to get rid of floating wallpaper or in the background image settings, disable Vista.

    2. Go to the icon editing mode (hold any icon for a few seconds).

    3. We open the rightmost desktop where there are no icons and take a screenshot (at the same time we press the Home Power buttons).

    four. In Safari, we go to the website of the service

    5. Push buttons Customize – Custom Mode – Add.

    6. Tap on Select a file and indicate our screenshot from the Photo Gallery.

    7. Push Upload photo and see our desktop with mockups of empty icons.

    8. We wonder where we will place the transparent label and click on the corresponding square in the layout.

    9. On the page that opens, we see an icon with part of the wallpaper in the right place, press the button Share this and choose “To the Home screen”.
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    10. Do not change anything and click Add.

How To Arrange Icons Anywhere On The Ios Desktop

    eleven. A shortcut will appear on the desktop, place it in the right place and it merges with the background image.

    12. We return to the browser and create similar shortcuts for other positions on the screen.

Unfortunately, quickly changing the location of the icons in this way will not work, you will always have to create the necessary merging icons. If you change the wallpaper, then the whole procedure will have to be repeated first.

Why is it necessary: You can more conveniently arrange applications or separate them by theme without using folders.

The most useful application of this feature will be shifting the icons one or two rows down so as not to reach for the top shortcuts and use reachability mode on large iPhone screens.

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