How To Add Widgets To The Notification Center On Iphone Or Ipad

How To Add Widgets To The Notification Center On Iphone Or Ipad

One of the innovations of iOS 8 released this month was the support of widgets, which was immediately answered by developers in a hurry to update their applications. Thus, already in the present, a number of games and programs have support for widgets that allow you to receive various information directly from the iOS 8. Notification Center. Needless to say, how convenient is it. However, before assessing the degree of convenience, you must add widgets to the Notification Center on iPhone or iPad, as well as remove all unnecessary data from the central office.

Widgets / Widgets iOS

iOS 8 introduced to all its users the ability to move some of the content and functionality from the application to one of the sections of the Notification Center called Today. Widgets are not applications, but are extensions that translate only that part of information into the Notification Center of the iOS 8 system, which is currently important.

The widget becomes available only after installing from the App Store the application you are interested in that supports extensions, which is still not so common. The widget is able to display text and various images, and also works as a link to the application from which information is drawn.

How to add widgets to the Notification Center on iPhone or iPad

First, you need to open the Settings app and go to the Notifications section. Here you can edit the list of applications that are allowed to send you notifications to the central office. To do this, tap on the program or game that interests you and check the position of the switch in the "Allow notifications" line. Otherwise, the widget will work only in the manner of the link, without broadcasting any information to the control center.

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If you use a password to lock your iPhone or iPad, you must unlock your device before following these steps. Then, using the swipe from top to bottom on the device screen, call the Notification Center.

Please note that the button “Change” is located at the bottom of the curtains. Using this button, you can access the settings for widgets displayed in the Notification Center.

How To Add Widgets To The Notification Center On Iphone Or Ipad

You can activate the widget using the green plus button; accordingly, you can deactivate the widget using the red minus button.

In the present, of course, the list of applications supporting widgets, although not large, nevertheless, they will certainly be replenished. You can always track this process from the central office, just periodically by going to the widget settings or from the App Store, reading the section “Updates”.

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