High-fat diet makes future babies smarter

High-fat diet makes future babies smarter

Fatty nutrition is believed to be associated with the development of a range of diseases. Early studies proved this, but they were only carried out on adults (and in humans, by the way, too). How does a high-calorie diet affect fetal development, little is known.

Therefore, scientists from California decided to give pregnant mice food high in fat and see what will happen to their children.

High-fat diet makes future babies smarter

As it turned out, nothing wrong. The mice gave birth to healthy offspring. In those who ate fatty foods, the cubs were larger, but more importantly, their cognitive abilities were higher than in peers whose mothers fed on regular food. Moreover, scientists tested the quickness of mice when they became adults.

Researchers have suggested that such success was due to a slower aging of the brain of animals. And, as it turned out, the mice, however, had less tau protein associated with neurodegeneration (in humans, it also accompanies conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).

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