Google Pixel 4 shown on the new official image

Following a major drain on the design of Microsoft’s new products, insider Eval Blass published a press render of the upcoming announcement of the flagship Google Pixel 4 smartphone. Despite many early leaks, the official image of the gadget allows you to get acquainted with the reliable appearance of the future news.

Google Pixel 4 shown on the new official image

In the image, the smartphone is presented in black color without decorative elements and is equipped with a white power button on the right side. Signature wallpapers on the model’s screen show P and 4 in traditional Google colors. The start-up screen, traditional for the Pixel line, displays the day of the upcoming presentation, the search term and the weather widget, as well as the icons for Gmail, Google Maps, Photos and YouTube.

According to the information available, the Soli “radar” is integrated into the upper frame of the novelty for the implementation of the gesture control function, and a sensor for face recognition. On the rear panel is a square dual-camera module with flash and a logo in the form of the letter G.

The presentation of Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL will be held on October 15.


Yes they surpassed an apple on ugliness

There is a fringe – in front it does not look like an iPhone, but here it is very reminiscent of the back

I’ll supplement the news (I want to co-authorship for such an important detail!): "And also the application icons for Gmail, Google Maps, Photos and YouTube" – there is also a Chrome browser icon!

as for me, he even looks several times better than his fellow brothers.
(Dumb epol NOT Smagliy plants all sensirs and summer cottages in length and dull banged crumpled bangs)

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Without you two guys, everyone would sit and think what kind of badges there =)

The author of the campaign had to fill in an extra hundred characters so that the news would be missed.

Does Prestigio or Texet collect them?

Oh, I was hoping that at least there would be no lower frame, it’s time to buy a Pixel 3. Outwardly, it doesn’t differ much (the lower frame is a couple of mm larger, and with the camera a pixel and one makes top shots) – the only hope is that the face sensors will be really revolutionary on 4ke.

Revolutionary three years after the apple?)

if it works perfectly in the dark it will immediately unlock without extra presses, that is, it makes sense to take a closer look

k777, it was three years ago on an apple, right now they pass it off as an innovation, and even with a chin and a TWO centimeter FINE, it’s clear.

at this time, while Apple is already preparing facets in a small upper frame, other vendors are content to drop gentlemen from the table

I’m a fan of Google, but I have to agree. I thought of taking Pixel 4, but the chin with a huge upper frame is already too much.

What is the bust? Which chin? Does he somehow take worse pictures? Worse screen can? What is the bust?

mr_kastello bust is that with a huge upper frame there is also a chin from the bottom. I was ready to endure the upper frame as there are a bunch of sensors and sensors. But the fact that they at the same time made the bottom of the chin in more than a 3-year-old iPhone is already too much.

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It’s revolution, Johnny!

The iPhone’s older rear camera panel made beautiful!

But in Google it would be better not to do it!

Well, yes, there are THESE vratny holes with cutouts.

I’m in a hat, instead of a bang. )))

But there is a vratka megachelka, because they could not even push sensors in an iPhone and could not

it’s better than a strip than a bang (not there, NOT here, especially when you watch a video)

stylesheet5, bangs eats only the central empty part (between time and the network / battery), here the centimeters of the screen are eaten

it’s funny from the owner of 4x and others like to hear.

The creator of Vanplas,
What did my smart NOT please you with? It looks like normal, like most smarts of the 17th year. In any case, I don’t have it, already. )))

And this is the fashion here to climb into the profile and see what kind of mobile is indicated. There is nothing more to do)

And what for do you think in general then indicate in the profile?

I do not have it. The right question – what for?

Terrionn; Less often, look in the mirror

Does it help you? 🙂

The difficult situation in android fans. like praises but how :)))

Well, the design is so-so, it pulls for 2016) It’s not even fanaticism, because iOS and Android work equally well already.

Yeah, It seems that everyone understands that it’s terrible, but faith does not allow it to be recognized. )))

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A Pixel 4a Won’t it be?


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