Fortnite and PUBG buggy on iOS 13

Fortnite and PUBG buggy on iOS 13

A major iOS update was released for the iPhone, thanks to which all supported models were updated to version 13. The bulk of satisfied users are testing new features, rejoicing in speed and hacking in Apple Arcade, but there are those among them who are not joking. In an unpleasant situation, fans of PUBG, Fortnite and a number of other popular projects found themselves who fully felt the power and power of new system gestures for iOS, designed to make it easier for users to work with text.

Screenshot from Fortnite game without editor bar

Why on iOS 13 in PUBG and Fortnite some kind of menu pops up?

According to the developers, this happens for everyone who plays with three fingers at once. The fact is that a long touch of the screen with three fingers is a gesture of editing on the iPhone. Therefore, an attempt to play in this way inevitably leads to the activation of the editing menu, even if it is not visible on the screen. As a result, its appearance interferes with playing, since in the zone where it appears, the game does not respond to pressing.

PUBG Developer Screenshot

What to do if an ad pops up in PUBG or Fortnite?

Some developers advise removing fingers from the screen, and then again pressing three fingers on the screen, holding them for two or three seconds. Then at the top of the screen an auxiliary editing panel will appear. She will loom before her eyes anyway, but she will minimize inconvenience in the game. In their accounts of various social networks, the developers of these and other projects asked all players not to upgrade to iOS 13 or, if this has already been done, have patience.

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What if I want to play PUBG or Fortnite anyway?

Firstly. Do not be nervous, but instead of playing, go to our Yandex.Zen. It is quiet, comfortable and you can read many interesting articles. If it does not help, start the game and put up with the hated text editing strip. We specifically installed PUPG to experience all hardships from our own experience. After installing and updating the game loaded, and then again something quickly downloaded and started up quite quickly.

So it is, touching with three fingers causes the context menu of editing to appear. But it appears already at the top and disappears if you remove one of the three fingers. Yes, playing a shooter with two is still a pleasure, and nevertheless, this is at least some option. Apparently, the developers of PUBG “on the fly” fidgeted to at least somehow solve the issue with their own project. The rest of the games we have not tested, but, it seems, and their developers do not sit idly by.

Fortnite and PUBG buggy on iOS 13

Users of some non-gaming applications also noticed an error. For example, a similar situation occurs in the GarageBand application when you try to play a chord.

Strip Adventures on the loading screen

When will iOS 13 be repaired and will it be possible to play Fortnite and PUBG again?

Since it is impossible to completely disable user gestures, and developers themselves cannot influence the situation without the participation of Apple experts, you will have to wait until September 24 for a complete solution to the problem – this is when iOS 13.1 will be released, in which the misunderstanding will be eliminated.

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