Feathered terrorist goes on the warpath

Feathered terrorist goes on the warpath

The stealth action genre has been in a protracted crisis for several years. Fans will not wait for the announcement of the new part of Splinter Cell, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has already shed its own, and Hitman as if refuses to develop without leaving the comfort zone familiar to the series of gaming conventions. Maybe the stagnant genre will shake the Untitled Goose Game?

Sassy and harmful goose debauches, dirty and spoils the life of ordinary people – this is how the Untitled Goose Game can be briefly described. A funny simulator of an ugly bird with stealth action elements has already been released in the Epic Games Store and is waiting for the army of geese tossing money into the monitor. Here is what its creators write about the main advantages of the title:

  • terrible goose (it’s you);
  • a full city of people trying to do their job (you hate them);
  • Separate button to giggle loudly (.).

The game about the feathered pest can be found at this link.

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