Easy Ways To Backup Your Iphone

Easy Ways To Backup Your Iphone

Users of Apple products sometimes face a problem such as the loss of personal data from their devices. It arises either due to improper use, or due to some other reasons. The question is not too fundamental. That is why users should know how to back up an iPhone to keep their data safe. Manipulating is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

What is a backup

Back in 2007 there was such a function. Together with the release of the first iPhone. Before you back up your iPhone, it’s worth figuring out what it is. First of all, this is a way to keep your personal data intact, regardless of whether your Apple device is working. That is, even if the smartphone is lost or broken, the data from it remains in the company’s system, and they can be extracted without problems later.

Possible options

There are just a few ways to back up your iPhone. And the easiest is the simplest synchronization of the device with a personal computer when connecting one to the other. This is done through an official program called iTunes. Every iPhone owner should install it on a computer, since without it the device’s functionality can be very limited.

Using "tuna"

Exactly so advanced users "apple" products are called a program. So how to backup your iPhone in "Aityuns"? First you need to download the latest version of the program on a personal computer. After that, you need to connect your gadget with a cable to the appropriate connector. By running the program, you must necessarily agree with the permission of access of this particular computer to the device. It is noteworthy that starting with iTunes version 10.0.1, the request is displayed automatically. If you do not give access, then the program simply will not work. Next, the backup will start automatically, nothing is required from the user. Synchronization takes quite a long time, especially if there are a large number of files, applications and other important personal data in the gadget’s memory.

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Deprecated Versions and Devices

Unfortunately, not everyone "apple" smartphone starts automatic copying. Therefore, it is worth knowing other ways of how to create an iPhone backup on your computer. The process does not cause difficulties, however, you will have to press the buttons several times more than in the method described above.

iPhone 5 and 5s

Of course, these versions are not the most outdated, but are currently the most popular. Therefore, before creating a backup copy of iPhone 5, you need to turn on iTunes, connect the gadget. Then, in the menu of your device (it is displayed on the side panel), select the subitem "Overview". This is where you can set the synchronization conditions. In section "Backups" all manipulations are performed. For example, you can choose where this very copy will be stored: on a computer or in iCloud cloud storage. The latter option is preferable in that it gives the owner access to data from any device if he correctly enters his username and password from the account. Having selected a storage location, you only need to press the key "Create a copy now". After that, the synchronization process will start. Additionally, you can encrypt data by setting a password. This is usually required in cases where the necessary files are really very important and valuable. And, of course, it is worth remembering this password in order to have access to the data.


Easy Ways To Backup Your Iphone

Before you back up your iPhone 5S or any other, you should set the parameters. That is, choose which data will be synchronized. By default, the following data is saved:

  • notes;
  • contacts;
  • passwords
  • bookmarks in browser "Safari";
  • browser settings;
  • all messages;
  • network settings for network access;
  • account in the game center;
  • photos;
  • accounts in applications that are built in by default;
  • Calendar events
  • alarm clock;
  • wallpaper;
  • purchases.
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But the installed applications, unfortunately, are not included in this list. Therefore, it is desirable to synchronize them separately. This is quite simple: just transfer the purchases. In point "File" have a podcast "Devices". It is enough to select a button "Transfer purchases from iPhone". After that, synchronization will start, which will take a lot of time if there are a large number of applications. Now, even if the device is lost, data can always be restored from the computer’s hard drive.


There is another quick and easy way to back up your iPhone. In this case, the computer is no longer needed. You can carry out all the manipulations directly from the phone. You need to go into the device settings by selecting iCloud. There is a category in the section "Backups". Need to translate the gray indicator in the graph "Copy to iCloud"so that it turns green. Next, press the bottom key. She called "Copy now". Everything, after that, the transfer of important data to the Apple server will begin. It is noteworthy that they can be viewed by company employees if the government so requires them if there are arguments. However, this happens extremely rarely. The latest copy, or rather the time of its creation, is always displayed on the device in the iCloud panel. Periodically performing synchronization, you can save all the important data in case the phone breaks, gets lost or is stolen.


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