Dangerous cracks found in Boeing’s airframes

Dangerous cracks found in Boeing's airframes

No sooner had the American company really recovered from the damage caused to her as a result of the rejection of MAX family Boeing aircraft around the world, as a new scandal loomed on the horizon. This time, the problem is associated with a design error in the design of the previous generation of the company’s aircraft – the Boeing 737NG, which is presented on the market in four versions at once, with the designations −600, −700, −800 and −900.

In this generation of aircraft, cracks were detected in the pickle fork, which is responsible for connecting the wings to the fuselage. Using this unit, the entire wing load that occurs during flight is transferred to the fuselage of the aircraft.

Dangerous cracks found in Boeing's airframes

“If this knot breaks in the air, there can be serious consequences. This connection is key to the safety of the aircraft, and its breakdown in the air can turn into a disaster in the most unfavorable scenario. ”, – said Seattle television channel KOMO-TV.

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