Causes Of Internet Poor Performance On Iphone

Causes Of Internet Poor Performance On Iphone

An unstable network interferes with the normal use of the Internet. Let’s try to figure out why the Internet is bad on the iPhone and how to fix the problems that arise so that there are no difficulties with access to sites and application servers.

Mobile Internet

First, let’s see why the mobile Internet does not work well on the iPhone. If you configured it correctly, then no problems should arise. However, sometimes the speed decreases to the level at which the browser constantly displays error messages related to the inability to access sites.

In the case of mobile Internet, the culprit may be a malfunction on the part of the telecom operator. Therefore, before taking any action, make sure that only you have the problem.

If other subscribers of the mobile operator also complain about the quality of the connection, then you can wait a bit: maybe the provider will fix the failure soon or at least explain the reasons for its appearance.

Various factors can influence the power of a mobile signal: from the distance to the nearest tower to weather conditions. If you use 4G, then be prepared for the fact that not everywhere there is coverage of the corresponding network. In a large city, the Internet works fine, but outside it may be necessary to return to 3G due to the weakness of the 4G signal. To change the type of network:

  1. Open the "Cellular Data" section in the settings.
  2. Select "Data Options."
  3. Go to Voice and Data.
  4. Switch to 3G.
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Be sure to try changing the network if you are trying to understand why the Internet on iPhone is so bad. This is especially true for trips out of town, where there may not be 4G coverage.

Now let’s see why bad Internet appears on the iPhone when connected to a Wi-Fi point. There are several reasons:

  • Improper home wireless network organization.
  • Channel reboot and signal interference.
  • Connect to a slow public network.

When answering the question why the Internet does not work well on the iPhone 5S or another model, the first thing you need to understand is which network you are connected to: home or public. You can cope with problems in the work of the home point on your own, but you will most likely have to put up with the low speed of the public network.

Home network setup

One of the most common causes of a poor signal and low internet speed is the incorrect location of the router. Without obstacles, the range of the router is about 150 m. In the room, the distance decreases to 50 m. Large physical objects can block the signal, so in the far rooms or on another floor, the Internet speed will be noticeably lower.

You can roughly understand the signal strength by the connection icon in the status bar. If it is full, it means that the phone receives a powerful signal. If not all divisions are closed, you should consider changing the location of the router.

Even if the router is in an ideal location, signal congestion and interference from household appliances can reduce signal strength.

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First, deal with the possible overload that often occurs in apartment buildings, where neighbors can use, without knowing it, one channel to transmit a signal. To check the condition of the channels, install a special application on your smartphone – for example, WiFi Analyzer. After its launch, you will see a list of wireless points that are nearby. Look at which channel is predominantly occupied, and select a different value in the router settings. Channels overlap each other, so it’s best to choose a value as far as possible from the overloaded one.

Another reason for the low speed can be interference from household appliances that operate at the same frequency as the router. They do not give out Wi-Fi, but they interrupt the signal from the router. To avoid this, switch the router to 5 GHz. This, by the way, will help to solve the problem with the congested channel – few routers work at the frequency of 5 GHz, even if they have such an opportunity.

Universal reasons

We shared the reasons why the Internet does not load well on iPhone, depending on the source of traffic, but there are universal factors that can affect the quality of the connection.

  • Using a VPN or proxy at a low speed.
  • Inadequate smartphone performance.

Both options are possible when using mobile traffic and Wi-Fi. In the first case, there are two solutions: abandon the VPN / proxy or select other servers. If you think that the smartphone lacks performance, because of which the browser does not work correctly and does not load sites, try cleaning the memory and performing other actions to optimize the system.


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