By Have Check Samsung

By Have Check Samsung

Determining the serial number, IMEI Samsung Galaxy S8 Usually imei is located at the end of the box There are several fundamental methods for determining imei on the Galaxy S8 2017, we demonstrate them below:

  • The very first way that the number is determined with an unarmed look is the presence of a sticker with imei on the box of the Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • The second way to go to the settings menu, then touch the item "about the device", a window opens in which our code is visible.
  • The third way to test imei on the Galaxy S8 is to dial the number combination # 06 # in call mode. The serial will be displayed on your screen.

To the great indignation of Galaxy users, all of the above methods can be faked, which in most cases is used by unscrupulous sellers.

How to check the samsung galaxy phone for originality


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Check imei on samsung

When buying a brand new smartphone, users have a lot of questions about its use, operation, warranty, as well as information about IMEI (the device code that makes your device unique for operators). How can one get such information? What it is? Each smartphone has its own unique, special IMEI code, which is the international identifier for mobile equipment.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the IMEI code format is the same for all smartphones. Devices popular today from the manufacturer Samsung are no exception.

How to check imei on samsung and why is it needed?

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Or, maybe not the coolest smartphone you got as a gift. In any case, it must be protected from viruses and trojans.

And will a smartphone and anti-virus protection save you from stealing money from your account? It doesn’t matter which operating system the smartphone is running on, whether it’s Android or iOS, Bada or Windows, anti-virus programs, monitors and malware and plug-in cleaners are created for all smartphone platforms, as are the Trojans themselves.

How to check the originality of the Samsung phone

The fact is that copies have significantly better specifications, so it’s not difficult to see the difference. Ask the seller to test the device in popular benchmarks such as Antutu, Geekbench and GFXBench, and then take screenshots of it.

Thank you!

Check will give us the code match for this model or not.

    The second method is to call the Samsung Support Hotline. Dial 8-800-555-55-55, and dictate your imei. The operator will check your Galaxy S8 the way above, from your computer and report the correct data. A noticeable advantage of this method is the additional information about your smartphone.
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For example, for use in which country is it intended, and does it include a VIP guarantee. Yes there, ask what you want.

  • At worst, you can send a request for mail from the official site, or ask questions of interest to an online consultant on the site.
  • Thus, these methods should be more than enough for you to successfully determine the code itself and verify the authenticity of the Galaxy S8.

    By Have Check Samsung

    The best option would be to check with all of them.

    Free samsung imei checker

    If you follow the tips below, you can significantly increase the security of your mobile device. Read more Phone tracking programs A modern mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or any other device is a device that usually contains a lot of important personal information.
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    How to check imei on samsung smartphones?

    IMEI and LG Serial Number Support for LG IMEI and Serial Numbers. Checking the LG serial number will let you know the country and date of manufacture of the device.

    The IMEI number, in addition to the country and production date, also determines the exact name of the phone model, color, as well as the country or organization that sells it. We remind you that every time you check IMEI or serial number, the device is also checked in the international database of stolen or lost devices – LoSToleN.

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    Imei samsung galaxy s8 authentication

    It’s no secret that today unknown Chinese manufacturers massively fake devices of popular brands, including Samsung. How to find out the truth about your gadget? Today there is an online service provided by International Numbering Plans. To make such a check, you are required to visit the site of this organization and enter the IMEI of your smartphone in the appropriate form. This will allow you to get several points of information at once. You can find out information about the model and modification of your device, its manufacturer and the market in which it was released (countries in Asia, Europe or America). If your device is not original, you can see it in just one click.

    How to check samsung by imei

    To draw an analogy, the IMEI of a mobile phone is like a car license plate. By this sign, traffic police officers can identify who the car is registered with.

    Same thing with IMEI phone. How to check IMEI on Samsung? Usually all IMEI phones are checked the same way, but there are exceptions. For example, take the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which is now very popular. The first obvious way to check is to find it on the box or in the documentation. It must be indicated. Also, this combination of numbers is recorded in the warranty card. And if it is not indicated in the coupon, then the guarantee will be void. But the third way is to type the key combination # 06 #. The latter method allows you to check IMEI not only on Samsung, but also on phones from other manufacturers. After entering this code, the serial number is immediately displayed on the screen. Exceptions are rare.


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