Apple Arcade is the best thing that has happened with mobile gaming

Apple Arcade is the best thing that has happened with mobile gaming

iPhone with Apple Arcade logo

Apple Arcade is an Apple service that allows users to get access to the library of games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and soon for MacOS for only 199 rubles a month. Some projects are available on other platforms, but there are also exclusive games created specifically for Apple Arcade.

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The service has advertisements, and for passing games it is not necessary to constantly pay money to buy “boosts” and new levels. In Apple Arcade, games look exactly the same as on consoles or PCs, representing a complete and complete product, for each of which it’s not a shame to pay three times as much. An example is the musical action game Sayonara Wild Hearts, available to subscribers from the start of Apple Arcade. In Nintendo, for example, it is sold for 899 rubles. And people buy it because it is really good! But you and I do not need to pay more, everything is already included in those same 199 rubles a month.

Apple Arcade is the best thing that has happened with mobile gaming

Very cool musical igruha Sayonara Wild Hearts!

Many studios collaborating with Apple Arcade have still NOT released a single high-profile release, and some are preparing for their debut. Apple representatives met these talented teams at gaming exhibitions, where independent developers also drop in to show everyone their new projects.

If the game has shown itself well at exhibitions and begins to speak in it, this is already remarkable in itself, so large publishers quite naturally try to get exclusive rights for a promising project. This is beneficial for publishers, because people really give preference to those who can provide high-quality and exclusive content. Vivid examples of such platform holders are Sony and Nintendo. But the benefits that the publisher benefits are obvious. What do its development partners think in the Apple Arcade service?

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Apple Arcade is the best thing that has happened with mobile gaming

Official render of the game Oceanhorn 2

“Apple Arcade is a great way to meet the needs of developers who want to create meaningful classic video games. Being part of the Apple Arcade is very comfortable, the studio can focus on the main thing – the game that it is developing, while employees can forget about most of the financial problems, ”says one of the studio’s key employees.

Capybara Games released the best-selling Critter Crunch in 2008, and now their Grindstone has been released on Apple Arcade. The developers also experience an extremely pleasant experience of working with a publisher from Cupertino:

“Developers very rarely have the chance to participate in the creation of something new with a company like Apple. It’s very nice to get back to developing applications for Apple devices, but it’s doubly fun to get involved with the launch of Apple Arcade, ”said Dan Vader, director of Grindstone.

In a conversation with reporters, he compared the Aple Arcade service to a Michelin class buffet, to which everyone is invited for a small price list.

“It’s no secret that premium games on mobile phones are experiencing a steady decline in sales. What could be considered moderate success in 2017 would be a huge, impossible success now, in 2019. There should be a more stable way for mobile developers to make a living, rather than resorting to shareware games, ”said Desmond Wong, the developer of Cat Quest II, who also supported Apple’s initiative.

He noted that Apple Arcade is a step in the Right direction, which sooner or later will allow publishers to learn how to deal with premium mobile games correctly. Subscribing to such services allows players to join the community of players with access to great games for little money. Even if Apple’s plan doesn’t work in its original concept, it will be necessary to change something in order to save the current situation.

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Apple Arcade is the best thing that has happened with mobile gaming

Sneaky Sasquatch game

Wong’s position is shared by other developers, some of whom wanted to remain anonymous. According to them, Apple Arcade is the second chance for small studios, thanks to which they can not only stay in the industry, but also make high-quality projects.

But the Apple Arcade assortment is NOT limited to indie projects. Among the games presented in the catalog of the service, there are many large developments from venerable studios and publishers. For Apple, this is an extra opportunity to emphasize that the company is serious, show off the well-known logos of studios and games in front of players, and for serious publishers and developers of Apple Arcade, it’s the way to the hearts of those players who can’t evaluate their games in the second way. Not everyone has a powerful gaming computer or a large TV with a game console, or even not one. But everyone has smartphones, many have Apple TV, iPad and MacBook with iMac, so for large Apple Arcade companies it is practically the only way out to a new audience.

Apple Arcade is the best thing that has happened with mobile gaming

Apple Arcade Collage

In addition, mobile games – this is an unusual direction, which many large publishers have not yet mastered to the end. But if you look at the success of Nintendo with their Pokemon Go, Mario Kart Tour and others, you immediately begin to notice that smartphones can also bring serious income. But Nintendo has a different scheme. Her task is to attract new players to their platforms. Those who do nothing to their own game consoles can feel quite comfortable in Apple in the bosom. Apparently, Apple is striving for this, while clearly demonstrating its capabilities and position.

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