4 million iPhone users accuse Google of illegal surveillance9

Convenience, simplicity and safety. Here are the three pillars on which Apple product success rests. When buying a MacBook or iPhone, we can safely rely on intuitiveness and security, which for most people is much more important than external attractiveness. That is why users of the "apple" technology often do not even have a question why it is so expensive. But sometimes even Apple is unable to withstand the pressure of those who want to find vulnerabilities in its devices and use them for their own benefit.

4 million iPhone users accuse Google of illegal surveillance9

For the first time, it seems, Apple’s trial goes without Apple

More than four million iOS users from the UK have filed a lawsuit against Google, accused of secretly collecting sensitive data using the Safari browser, and demanding compensation in the amount of £ 3.2 billion. Despite the fact that Google conducted surveillance in 2011-2012, the statute of limitations on this case has not yet expired, which means that the company may face severe punishment. They say this is one of the largest cases in terms of the number of participants ever considered in the history of British justice.

How Google circumvented Apple’s protection

According to the representative of the plaintiff group Richard Lloyd, Google managed to bypass the protective mechanisms of the browser, using the vulnerability found in it. It consisted in the fact that Safari allowed sites to track user actions only when filling out online forms. The developers of the search giant found out about this and added signs of those same online forms to their advertisements in order to be able to follow those who viewed them.

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The case in question is a continuation of the proceedings for which the search giant was tried a year earlier. Then the plaintiffs were only a few people with whom Google lawyers were able to conclude a settlement agreement. However, now it turned out that far more people want to achieve compensation, who consider themselves to be victims of the unlawful actions of a company that collected their data against their will. Therefore, the UK Court of Appeal, having examined their complaint, allowed them to assert their rights.

How Google tricks users

This lawsuit can serve as a clear signal to Google and other global corporations, letting them know that they are not above the law. Google may be held liable under the laws of the United Kingdom for the abuse of personal data of an unlimited number of persons. All of these people can demand a commensurate compensation for the damage caused by the actions of Google, especially since it systematically profited from this, ”said Lloyd.

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Recently, Google quite often has to pay for its actions that are illegal. It is noteworthy that almost always these are allegations of illegal surveillance, because of which the company has to pay compensation not only to the plaintiffs themselves, but also to the state, transferring multimillion fines in his favor. However, judging by the fact that the search giant continues to improve methods for collecting personal data, the money that this activity brings more than compensates for all fines and compensation payments.


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