10 Ways To Speed Up Your Iphone And Increase Your Device’S Battery Life

10 Ways To Speed Up Your Iphone And Increase Your Device’S Battery Life

It doesn’t matter which iPhone you use: the latest iPhone 7 or earlier, you absolutely will not refuse to extend the battery life of the smartphone and increase the speed of iOS. Sooner or later it becomes relevant for any device. This article contains only proven methods that will really help you improve the autonomy and performance of your device. So let’s get started.

1. Clear RAM

Speed ​​up your iPhone by clearing the RAM in seconds. And this method does not require a tedious reboot of the smartphone.

To clear the memory you need:

  1. Hold the power button until a slider appears at the top of the screen to turn off the device.
  2. Release the power button and press the Home button for five seconds until the home screen appears.

That’s all! Now the RAM of the iPhone and iPad is in perfect order.

2. Clear Apple Application Cache

Cache overflow can affect iPhone performance. There is one way to solve the problem, which became known recently.

The cache clearing method works in the App Store, iTunes Store, Podcasts, and some others. You need to quickly perform 10 tapas on any button on the bottom panel. If you did everything correctly, then for a moment the screen will become blank, and then you will be taken to an application cleared of unnecessary data.

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3. Automatic message clearing after 30 days

You may be surprised at the amount of space used to store your messages. To find out this information, go to the Settings menu.> The main ones.> Storage and iCloud.> Manage and look at the scope of the Messages application. If, in addition to text, you exchange photos and videos, then the size of the occupied memory can easily reach 5 or 10 GB.

The archive of your correspondence can slow down the work of not only Messages, but also the iPhone as a whole. To fix this, go to Settings.> Messages> Leave a message, and then change the parameter "Indefinitely" to a 30-day period or 1 year. Believe me, it’s worth it.

4. Disable animation

The animation of launching applications and transitions looks gorgeous, but requires a lot of resources and affects the performance and autonomy of your device. Try disabling it by going to the Settings section.> The main ones.> Universal access. Here you need to activate the option "reduce movement".

The increase in the speed of the iPhone you will notice with the naked eye.

5. “Help with Wi-Fi”

This method is designed to increase the battery life of the device, although it is quite controversial.

The new Help with Wi-Fi option improves the performance and battery life of your smartphone using data transfer over a cellular network if your Wi-Fi connection is unstable. But be careful if your tariff plan has a small traffic limit.

To enable this feature, go to Settings.> Cellular communication and activate the “Help with Wi-Fi” switch.

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6. Use power saving mode

Everyone noticed the system’s advice on turning on the power saving mode when the battery level dropped to 20 and 10%. In fact, this option can be activated at any time, significantly extending the operating time.

The power saving mode switch is in the Settings menu.> Battery. The system will stop receiving e-mail, application activity in the background, and so on.

7. Configure location settings

10 Ways To Speed Up Your Iphone And Increase Your Device’S Battery Life

Some applications need to continuously monitor your location, even when you are not working with them. But many of them are not used too often, while significantly reducing the operating time of the iPhone.

Going to the Settings section.> Confidentiality.> Geolocation Services. Here you will see a list of all applications that have access to location sensors. If opposite the name of the program you see the option “Always”, then think about whether it needs constant access to your geolocation? If not, be sure to enable the “When Using” or “Never” option.

8. Prevent iPhone from watching you

By default, iPhone keeps track of each step of the owner, keeping records of all places visited.

If you want to disable this tracking, go to the Settings menu.> Confidentiality.> Geolocation Services. Scroll down the screen until you see the "System Services" section, in which you need to turn off the "Frequently visited places" option.

9. Disable product enhancement features

It is very kind of you to provide Apple with information to improve their products, but you will have to pay for such courtesy with battery life and private data.

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In the Settings menu.> Confidentiality in the section "Diagnostics and use" disable sending data to Apple. Then go to Settings.> Confidentiality.> Geolocation Services.> System services and disable the options “Diagnostics and use”, “Featured near”, “Improve maps” and “Routing and traffic”. In this section, you can deactivate other functions that, in your opinion, consume battery power in vain.

10. Set up background content update

Did you know that you will continue to receive notifications even if you disable the option to update application content? Many people think that by turning this function off once, they will extend the battery life. This is actually not the case.

Go to the Settings menu.> The main ones.> Update content and optionally disable the update option for each application. After that, some programs will download information a split second slower, but the iPhone battery will thank you for that.


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