10 Ways To Increase The Battery Life Of Iphone And Ipad

10 Ways To Increase The Battery Life Of Iphone And Ipad

Is your iPhone or iPad running out of charge faster than usual? Do not rush to go to the nearest service center – you can increase the battery life of your i-gadget on your own.

1. Use the power saving mode

With the advent of iOS 9, iPhone owners finally got the opportunity to put the device into power saving mode. The "low power mode", as claimed by Apple, and practice shows, allows the iPhone to work for three additional hours without the need to recharge the device.

In the energy saving mode, which is activated automatically as soon as the smartphone’s charge drops below 20%, the device’s performance slightly decreases, network activity is turned off, mail checking, motion effects, background software updates are turned off, and animated wallpapers become static. If you are not going to start games or work with bulky applications when the power saving mode is activated, then you may not notice a decrease in performance.
Activate "Low power mode»Can be in the menu Settings.> Battery. If jailbreak is installed on your iPhone, be sure to install the LowPowerMode tweak – it will allow you to keep the power saving mode always on.

2. Get rid of parasite apps

If you feel that the battery of your iPhone or iPad is running out of charge faster than usual, then it’s time to find the person responsible for this application. Go to menu Settings.> Battery and review the system’s proposed battery usage report for the last 24 hours or week. The application or game using the battery charge of your battery is shown as a percentage, which makes it possible to evaluate how much a particular tool affects the battery life of the device.
Here you need to pay attention to those applications or games with which you have not worked very often over the past 24 hours or seven days, since it is these tools that are most often parasites. It is recommended that you completely remove such applications from the device, however, if they are necessary, then the first thing they should be reinstalled. If after reinstalling the parasite application continues to “eat up” the battery charge, then you should roll back to the previous version of the application that works without errors.

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3. Uninstall the Facebook application

The Facebook application at the end of last year was massively accused of uncontrolled battery consumption of the iPhone and iPad. Representatives of the social network confirmed a strong appetite of the application, promising to deal with the situation in the near future.

We managed to solve the problem, however, the official Facebook application is still one of the main consumers of battery power for iOS devices. It is noteworthy that to consume a charge Facebook does not even need to be launched – it copes with its “task” in the background. The solution here is quite simple – remove the Facebook application from the device, of course, if you are not very active in using it.

4. Decrease the brightness of the device.

Let’s make a reservation right away – our advice on reducing the brightness of the device is not commonplace. About the fact that the menu Settings.> Screen and brightness (or from the Control Center) you need to set the display to moderate brightness and, if necessary, enable the "Auto brightness", They know almost everything. We’ll talk about an advanced way to reduce the brightness of the iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Go to the menu Settings.> The main.> Universal access

Step 2. Select “Increase»And activate the switch of the same name

Step 3. Three times press the display with three fingers at the same time to open a menu with the parameters of the zoom mode

Step 4. Drag the zoom slider to the left to the maximum and click "In full screen"

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Step 5. Go to the settings section "Select filter"And select"Weak light"

Step 6. Click on any part of the screen to close the settings menu.

Step 7. Go to the menu Settings.> The main.> Universal access.> Keyboard shortcut and checkmark “Increase»After applying these settings, you get a truly unique opportunity. By triple pressing the Home button, the display of your iPhone or iPad will become as dark as possible. The brightness will be enough to work with any application in the evening and at night, while the battery of the device will not be consumed. To return the brightness to its normal state, it will be necessary to press the Home button three times in a row.

Note: this method will especially appeal to fans of reading books before bedtime on iPhone and iPad. Your eyes will cease to strain strongly due to bright light and you can relax and fall asleep much faster.

5. Set the minimum auto lock time for the display.

This is very strange, but many owners of the iPhone and iPad do not pay enough attention to setting up automatic display locks. Such a seemingly standard parameter, for some reason, is ignored by users, and after all, a constantly-on display greatly affects the battery life of a device.

In order to set the minimum time for automatic blocking of the display, go to the menu Settings.> The main.> Auto lock and check the option you want. The screen of your iPhone or iPad will be blocked due to these settings even after a slight inactivity.

6. Turn on “Airplane mode” when the signal of the mobile network is weak

If you are in a place where your iPhone or iPad doesn’t catch the signal from the cellular network, simply activate “Airplane mode” to save battery power. The fact is that your mobile device, in attempts to establish a stable connection, will send signals to the telecom operator over and over again. Many will be surprised, but gadgets spend a lot of “strength” on this action and, as a result, battery power.

10 Ways To Increase The Battery Life Of Iphone And Ipad

7. Activate Movement Reduction

Another non-standard, but very effective way to extend the battery life of your iPhone or iPad is to activate "Motion reduction". This option reduces the movement of the user interface by enabling the parallax effect on the icons. And if you have already had time to enjoy the beauty of iOS (moving wallpaper and animation), then boldly go to the menu Settings -> The main -> Universal access and activate the parameter "Motion reduction".

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8. Turn off background content updates

The more applications that constantly access the Internet for updating content are installed on your iPhone and iPad, the faster the device’s battery power is consumed. Fortunately, iOS allows you to prevent applications from performing a background update, and you simply must use this opportunity if you want to maximize the battery life of your gadget.

This is done very simply. Go to menu Settings.> The main.> Content Update and deactivate application switches whose background update you want to disable. Here you can turn off the background content update completely.

9. Use ad blockers in Safari

Advertising inserts and pop-up banners on websites are an additional load on your device. By installing one of Safari’s ad blockers, you’ll not only get rid of the need to see advertising banners in their great variety, but also help your device work much longer.

An example of a good and free ad blocker is Adguarg. About how to start using it, we wrote in detail in this manual.

10. Disable some of the pop-up notifications

Constantly arriving notifications from various applications have a slight, but very noticeable, load over time on your device over time. Take time and set alerts for apps in the menu Settings.> Notifications. Just starting to do this you will immediately notice that you simply do not need notifications from a sufficiently large number of applications.

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